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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Saint Augustine Institute of Catholic Studies: a Key to Understanding

Richmond residents interested in getting into the "mind" of Saint Benedict Center are invited to learn more about the Saint Augustine Institute of Catholic Studies. This is our program for Catholic "adult education," by which we hope to form Apostles for the conversion of America. We quote a recent posting on our main web site:

Besides reading the fine articles available on this web site, what do you do to form your mind in a Catholic way? Here’s an idea: Join the Saint Augustine Institute of Catholic Studies!

The Saint Augustine Institute is the educational division of the Crusade of Saint Benedict Center. Its purpose is to provide a well-rounded and conveniently simple course of instruction in Catholic thought.

The goal of the Institute is the formation of a large and ever growing body of well instructed lay apostles in the Church Militant who will become a mighty force for expelling the modernist heresy from within the Church, and for spreading the True Faith throughout the world, especially here in America.

To get started, consult these resources:

What are you waiting for?

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