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Monday, March 19, 2007

Did You Know...? Two Books on Richmond History Were Typset at Saint Benedict Center

Mr. Robert Cohen, who was then (and is now) an employee here at Saint Benedict Center, did the typesetting for the book, The Town in the Forest: Life Story of Richmond, New Hampshire, by Neith Boyce. Bob also made the necessary arrangements to have the book printed by Turley Publications in Palmer, MA — the commercial printer whose services we used at that time.

Tim Harron, then a student at the Center’s IHM school (class of '91), helped with this project.

Mr. Cohen was a paid employee of Saint Benedict Center. We provided his services on an entirely volunteer basis as a good-will gesture to our neighbors in Richmond. Neither the Center nor Mr. Cohen nor Tim Harron made any money from this project.

The same is true of the book The Only Mill in Town: The Story of the Pail-Making Industry in Richmond, New Hampshire, by Richard A Martin. We typeset the book and dealt with our commercial printer to bring it into print, all pro bono.

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