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Friday, March 23, 2007

One More Rumor Put to Bed

After we completed the "Rumors" posting immediately below this one, it came to our attention that there was one rumor not yet addressed: Loreto Publications and SBC are the same thing. Well, they aren't. There is no affiliation, association, or parent- or successor-corporation relationship between the two. There never was any such arrangement. The two corporations are entirely independent from one another and always were. This is easily verifiable at the Secretary of State's office.

Personally speaking, those who run and work at Loreto are involved in SBC as congregants, friends, and supporters. But we also have U.S. military personnel who fit those categories. Last we checked, our Order hasn't had a corporate merger with the Department of Defense!

Please note the new feature on this blog: the long list, running down the right side of the page, of our favorite authors. It's designed to give a little insight into our thinking, for those who would like to know us better.

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