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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Richmond Sends Message to Legislature: Let THE PEOPLE Vote on Marriage!

Notably, some people, who display signs reading "Democracy not Theocracy," voted against the measure seeking to give the people of New Hampshire a voice on the issue. The reason? One spokesman offered his opinion: "It's a civil rights issue."

Who says?

"Civil rights" — arbitrarily defined — has become the new theocracy that supplants the much-lauded democracy. Behold what contradictions result when the pretended rights of man displace the real rights of God, the natural law, the traditional laws of these United States and their antecedents in Christian Europe, and, as David Berman said last night, "6,000 years of history"!   

Details from the Sentinel:

Voters spent hours chipping away at proposed spending articles and by midnight more than half the audience was gone — when the Sept. 11 article and a petitioned warrant article for a resolution asking for legislators to allow New Hampshire residents to vote on a state constitutional amendment defining marriage came up.

But the dwindling numbers didn’t tamp down a lively discussion on both articles.

The marriage article passed, 58-33.

Before the vote, Richmond resident David Berman told voters to look at the article not on one side of the gay marriage issue or the other, but as a chance for voters to weigh in for themselves, rather than through elected officials.

“The Legislature has continually decided not to let people speak on this important issue, so what this is is a nonbinding resolution that simply says to the Legislature, ‘It’s our opinion that you should let the people vote and have a say on this issue,’ ” Berman said.

Resident Joshua Jarvis disagreed, saying a citizen referendum would be a chance to take away people’s hard-earned rights.

“People have been struggling in pain and they have finally gotten their own right to live the way they want to,” he said. “We have people vying to take their rights and that’s what giving the vote to people would be.

“It has been taken away in California, it has a chance of being taken away here.”

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