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Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Ode to Brother Francis

By Sister Marie Thérèse, M.I.C.M., Prioress

This is Brother Francis,”
he said, as he introduced
the lady guest to Brother.
“What a sweet little old man!”
she cooed sugar-sweetly. Bending
over with a grandmothersmile,
she patted Brother on
the head. Brother nodded and
continued to smile graciously
as she proceeded to seat herself
beside another guest for a visit.
After several hours, she excused
herself and slipped out of the conversation. In hushed and surprised
tones, she confided to a sister how amazed she was at
just “how smart” Brother was!

Knock on his door;
He is always there.
Call his name: “Brother Francis?”
“Yes! Come in” cheerfully greets you.
Turning from his desk he is delighted it is you
And welcomes you — there is always time for you.
Yes, you who are unique and special to God,
Are unique and special to him too.
Do you have a question? His face shows delight!
His eyes close,
His fingers move slowly and methodically over his forehead
As though to help the thinking process

While he listens carefully to your perplexity,
And formulates an answer that is both wise and brief,
Carefully fitted to your understanding and need.
Yes, he truly knows all the answers . . .
And though never pretending knowledge,
Rarely gives the answer “I don’t know.”
This man loves Truth and his life beams it!
The ring of his voice when he speaks of Truth
Is strong and clear, joyful and lovingly challenging.
How about a problem?
No need to worry as he shoulders in fatherly fashion
The care you lay before him.
This too shall pass.
Our Blessed Lady is in charge.
What wise counsel then comes forth from his lips — his soul.
His love for God and Mary,
Enkindles love for souls.
Is there a hindrance to their happiness?
A deliberate hiding of Jesus’ Truth?
Crusade! God wills it!
Take up arms and fight!
Take the Rosary and the Truth!
Cry out, “From the Housetops”!
Not a minute to spare, it’s Our Lady’s time,
Go with haste into cities and towns.
Bring — on foot — this loved Truth to loved souls.
Look into their eyes, into windows, look inside
Where they hide from the Truth, and you find them.

“Why do you weep? He is risen!”
You encourage.
“Get up from your bed and walk!”
You challenge.
“See the lilies of the field, see the birds,”
And see God.
Cast the seed of Faith!
Kindle the Fire of Love!
Carry with you that Lord
Whom you received in the Host.
Lend Him your feet and lips.

Crusade! God wills it!
Plead with the shepherds of the flock
To do what they alone can do
For souls — whose value is yet unmatched.
“Please tell them that Truth
That will bring them to Him;
Fulfill the desire of His Heart.
Save them from fire, eternally.
Salvation of souls! God wills it!”

To Rome, the Eternal City, clearly focused on Our Lady’s cause
Minding the pain she bears in her Heart
The price of those children she loves.
Man to man — with great reverence —
Brother presents this beloved cause,
Most dear to his heart and to Theirs
Pleasing God
And maybe not men.

Don’t forget us Brother!
You promised to remember!
Yes, close to Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
And, of course, your Little Thérèse.
Help us as we continue this battle
Not compromising the challenging Truth!
The battle will only be won
When the Shepherd in Rome
Takes up the Crusade’s banner,
Joined by his shepherd generals,
And leads the crusaders in battle
To victory! to victory!
For souls! For Jesus! For Mary!
Crusade! God wills it!
And then . . .
PEACE. . . .
As the Immaculate Heart finally triumphs.
Peace to men of good will.

In Heaven we’ll be quite surprised
At “how smart” Brother really was.

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